About Us


About Us

We are a full service, general practice law firm in Bethesda, Maryland ready to help you, your family, or your business with legal needs. The firm practice includes real estate, wills, guardianships, and estates. We also handle criminal, traffic, juvenile, and civil matters. We have extensive experience in business and financial law. If you are injured, we can assist you in obtaining financial compensation. Please review this site to learn more about us. If you would like to set up an appointment, please call us or use the contact form.


Question: “What do you charge for initial consultation?”
Answer: There is no charge for initial consultation. We want you to feel comfortable discussing your problem with us before you feel obligated to retain us.

Question: “What is your usual hourly rate?”
Answer: Our hourly rates range from $175.00 to $325.00 per hour depending upon the type of legal services required.

Question: “Will you handle my case on a fixed fee arrangement or some other method to control my expenses?”
Answer: Yes. Many types of cases, like simple wills, or real estate settlements can be handled on a flat fee basis. Costs of more complex matters can be controlled by this office binding itself to a firm estimate of costs and a written Retainer Agreement.

Question: “Will you handle my case on a contingency fee arrangement?”
Answer: Yes. Some cases, like personal injury or collection matters, lend themselves to a contingency fee arrangement as the outcomes are more uncertain. Other cases, in which the risks and outcomes can be more readily ascertained, are more economical if handled on a fixed fee or hourly arrangement. You should be aware there are limited types of cases, like criminal matters, in which an attorney is not permitted to charge on a contingency fee basis.